Welcome to the Home Page of Hubroveien housing cooperative

The housing cooperative was founded December 9th, 1957 and consist of 184 apartments surrounded by a green environment at Veitvet, Oslo. Despite having large green areas, the housing cooperative also has plenty of parking lots and garages to cover the tenants’ needs. The housing cooperative also has a janitor hired full-time to take care of summer and winter maintenance around the plot.


Here at our website, you will find much of the information needed as a tenant. The site has application documents available for download, such as sub-letting and dog keeping. The website will also contain information published by the Board when needed to keep tenants informed regarding the housing cooperative operations.


If you can’t find the information you seek, please contact the Board or the janitor at: postmaster@hubroveien.no


Address for the Housing Cooperative:


Hubroveien Borettslag

Erich Mogensønsvei 12

0594 OSLO


Buisness Manager is Nordberg Eiendomsforvaltning A/S, Erich Mogensønsvei 12, 0594 OSLO

Phone: 22 64 61 20




Kind Regards The Board.